In a bid to enhancing the mobility of Inspectors of the Trust, the forward-looking Director-General Mr. Mohamed Fuaad Daboh on the 9th. May 2019 allocated fifteen Motor Bikes to the Operations Division. The ceremony took place at the NASSIT Headquarters, 32 Walpole Street, Freetown. Addressing his staff and members of the Press, the Director-General described the occasion as being "auspicious" for the fact that it hinges on the core purpose of the Scheme. Mr. Daboh reiterated that since the inception of the Trust, the main focus has been on Operations and Benefits Divisions. He said it is therefore incumbent on him to continue in that line.

In solidarity with the International Labour Day, the National Social Security and Insurance Trust- NASSIT joined the Ministry Labour Employment and Social Security and other institutions in the country to observe the 2019 May-Day celebrations.  The occasion which was climaxed with statements and award to key personalities in the country commenced with a march-past on the principal streets of Freetown. The staff of NASSIT in their official colours paraded from Country tree to the Youth Building displaying banners, and flyers that have NASSIT related messages and reciting NASSIT related songs and jingles and distributing NASSIT broachers and Newsletter to participants and the general public. 

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