Our Mission and Vision 

NASSIT Mission


"To administer a social security scheme that provides financial security to all employees in Sierra Leone in the form of Old age benefits, Invalidity benefits and Survivors, based on Social Insurance principles."
NASSIT Vission


"To be the centre of execellence providing quality social security protection through promoting a culture of high quality preformance among its staff."


The National Social Security and Insurance Trust is a Statutory Public Trust, charged with the responsibility of administering Sierra Leone’s National Pension Scheme. By the National Social Security and Insurance Trust Act. No. 5 of 20th July 2001. The National Social Security and Insurance Trust was established

“to provide retirement and other benefits to meet the contingency needs of workers and their dependents and to provide other related matters”

After the declaration of the end of the decade-long civil war (1991-2002), the President, Alhaji Dr. Ahmad Tejan Kabbah, expressed his desire to establish a social security scheme as part of the process of rehabilitation, reconstruction and resettlement geared towards sustainable peace, good governance, socio-economic development and political advancement. In order to achieve his dream, the President included Social Security within the mandate of the Ministry of Labour and Industrial Relations, in 1999, with the responsibility of establishing the Scheme for all categories of workers, and the Social Safety Net for the aged and needy throughout Sierra Leone. 

The Ministry, in collaboration with the UNDP/ILO, enlisted the services of ILO-sponsored consultants, to conduct financial studies and actuarial analysis of the proposed Scheme in order to determine suitable options and various scenarios, which included methods of financing, rates of contributions and benefit structures and qualifying conditions. The Committee’s report, and the recommendations of the Consultants formed the basis for the introduction of the first National Social Insurance Pension Scheme 

The Trust is autonomous and belongs to the state. Commencement date: As  required by Section 1, Act No. 5 of 2001 came into operation by Presidential Order in Statutory Instrument No.8 of 31st August 2001. The effective date of payment of contributions is January 2002. 

An overview of our organisation.


  • Registration of employers and employees
  • Collection of contributions
  • Processing and payment of benefits
  • The maintenance of records on contributions and Insured earnings
  • Compliance and enforcement procedures
  • Management of the funds of the scheme

Organisation Structure



Meet Our Executives

Mohamed Fuaad Daboh

Mohamed Fuaad Daboh

Director General
Mohammed Gondoe

Mohammed Gondoe

Deputy Director General, Administration
Edwin Kamara

Edwin Kamara

Deputy Director General, Operations

Fadiru Koroma

Ag General Manager, Admin and HRD
Victoria Mansaray

Victoria Mansaray

General Manager, Benefits
Osman F Koroma

Osman F Koroma

General Manager, Public Affairs and Events Planning
Abdul Turay

Abdul Turay

General Manager, Finance
Hassan M Bangura

Hassan M Bangura

Chief Internal Auditor
Muhamad L Bah

Muhamad L Bah

Ag General Manager, ICT
Joe Hassan Kalokoh

Joe Hassan Kalokoh

General Manager, Research, Planning & Actuarial

Mohamed Sam

Ag General Manager, Operations


There are ten Divisions within the Trust and three autonomous Departments that report directly to the Director General's Office.


Our Divisions_1

Our Divisions_2


These Departments are not under any of the ten Divisions and they report
directly to the Director General’s Office.


The Procurement Department is responsible for acquisition of goods, works and services for the Trust. This function is carried out in strict adherence to the country’s Public Procurement Act.
Customer Service

This Department is largely responsible for establishing and cementing the relationship of the Trust with the public. Customer service staff are the first line of contact with the public the Trust. Through continued interaction with the public, this Department creates an image of the Trust that leaves a lasting impression on our valued customers.
Compliance, Risks and Quality Department

The primary function of this Department is to monitor and assess compliance. Through quality assurance activities, this Department also ensures that standard processes and procedures are strictly followed in all activities of the Trust. The monitoring and assessment of risks is also the responsibility of this Department.