The appointment of the human resource guru, the astute administrator and the people-focused Director General, Mohamed Fuaad Daboh, has brought an astonishing turnaround in the business of the Scheme. In his maiden speech to all the staff of the Trust, the no-nonsense Director-General emphasized his determination to redefine the image of a rapidly diminishing institution. He promised to focus this administration on the core business of the Trust, that is, operations and the payment of benefit. 

In his quest to get on the road, the Director-General and team wasted no time in injecting a new spirit in the conduct of affairs in the institution - ‘Leadership by example‘. He commenced with a thank-you tour to complying institutions across the country, which was widely acclaimed as a novelty in the Trust. He is spearheading the establishment of the Social Security Court to enforce compliance and has revitalized the Social Security Appellate Tribunal, which is a forum to seek redress by unsatisfied customers. The Director-General also oversaw a revamped and revitalized customer service week, a birthday call to celebrate with the pensioners, and facilitated the introduction of the NASSIT Telephone Hotlines (811 to 817 both Orange and Africell mobile networks) across the country to ensure a 24-hour access to NASSIT information; and within six months of his appointment over 150 employees were trained in various disciplines among others. As we progressed in the first quarter of 2019, a team comprising the Director of Operations, the Director of Benefit and the Director of Public Affairs visited the eastern district of Kenema as part of a nationwide sensitization tour and a working visit.

In Kenema, the team was part of a radio discussion program held at the regional SLBC station, and simultaneously broadcast (simulcast) on all major radio stations in the Kenema and Kailahun districts.  This first of its kind discussion program centered on Operations, Benefit, Update of Members Records,  Enforcement of Compliance, Social Security Court, Appellate Tribunal and other emerging issues.  The team effectively elaborated on these issues and had the public participate through questions to which answers were provided. he following day, the team spent almost the entire day interacting with staff and customers alike. While the Director of Operations was busy inspecting the facilities of the Regional Office, the Director of Benefit and the Director of Public Affairs played the Customer Service Officer role addressing numerous customers that visited the office. A visiting retiree expressed his astonishment for such high profiled staff dedicating their time to addressing customers' concerns. The team departed to Bo and Makeni where they carried the same exercise.

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